What we do

Lace Petals and Hearts is about creating beautiful spaces - allow us the pleasure of coordinating, styling, and doing all the work for you! Whether it be a picnic date with your loved one, your wedding day, a corporate function, celebration or just an average day; we would love to provide ideas, decor, floristry or coordination to make it that extra bit special! We can do as little or as much as you like, but we believe every day is worth celebrating (and celebrating extravagantly).


Our hope is that with our services we can transport you to a place allowing you to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Want to try our services out? We would love to speak to you!


Contact Us, and your dream will become our dream!

Meet Jess, the Owner

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and a bit of the story behind Lace Petals & Hearts;

I've been having tea parties and picnics on the 4 acre property I grew up on and around our beautiful city since I was 1 year old! I would forever be setting them up with my mum and later for friends and organising family events. I got diagnosed with Leukaemia when I was 17 and as part of the 2.5yrs of chemo that came with the diagnosis, there were a lot of weeks spent in the hospital and some fairly dark times. To cut a long story short, it taught me the true importance of creating beautiful memories with those you love. In the hard moments, that's what keeps you going and gives you the strength to fight whatever battles life throws at you. I've always had a love of nature, tea parties, pretty things and picnics and being 'trapped' in a hospital room for weeks on end only made my appreciation for all that stronger. I started my business in April 2016 as a side hobby/bit of fun, while being a full time Occupational Therapist, but I soon discovered that it was my dream to be doing it full time. I have now been doing it full time since Feb 2017 and LOVE the opportunity to create settings for people to enjoy beautiful memories in, that they can cherish for a lifetime. Life can get so busy sometimes and it's easy to get stuck in the routine of work, dinner, tv, sleep. What I do in setting up events for people and date nights so that all they have to do is rock up, allows people to have this incredible experience without any of the hassle, extra wasted time cleaning or packing up.  

Allow us the pleasure of being part of your celebrations!