Picnic Weddings & Engagement Parties

(Or parties over 40 guests)

Perfect for creating that relaxed vibe and allowing guests to mingle and enjoy themselves. 

Picnic weddings can be set up in a variety of ways:

Long Table
A long low wooden picnic table, with rugs and cushions for guests to sit on; suitable for up to 50 guests.
Picnic Table Clusters
Clusters suitable for 5-10 guests; up to 72 guests using natural tables or 132 guests using a mixture of natural & white tables.
Picnic Blankets & Cushions
Instead of a table, have a crate with each blanket to create a platform for decor, glasses, or food.
Combination of long table & blankets
Combine a long table setting with blankets & cushions for people to stretch their legs and mingle.
Combination of all 3
Have clusters of different sized table settings along with some spaces of blankets with crates.
Large Blanket Spaces
Join picnic blankets together to create large spaces for guests to easily mingle and lounge.
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We also provide coordination and styling services to take care of everything for you on the day. 

Set up and/or hire of:

  • Picnic Blankets

  • Low Picnic Tables 

  • Vintage wooden Crates

  • Cushions

  • Jars of flowers

  • Bunting 

  • Picnic Baskets 

  • Lanterns or other outsourced festoon lighting

  • See our Hire page for more

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