Indoor Picnics

Indoor picnics can be even more magical or relaxed than outdoor picnics! No elements to deal with like wind, seagulls, flies or rain! 

Imagine surprising your partner for an indoor date night prepared in the comfort of your own home. 

Take away the formalities or pressure of having to set up your home to entertain guests and let us do all the work and clean up for you!  

Darlings Day Out
Available for hire in Wangara $400/3 hrs
The Studio Collab
West Leederville
Perth Creative Co
No longer available for hire
Feld & Co
Assembly Yard
Your lounge room
Stayz Homes
North Fremantle Stayz Home Pictured
A balcony
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Luxury Picnic Packages and Decor Hire.
Based in Perth, Western Australia.

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