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Credit Card Bond Form

Credit Card Details


Lace Petals & Hearts will take all details relating to your credit card. No money will be charged to the card, unless there are:

Missing or broken items
Items are returned late
The client was later than 10mins to arrive for the picnic.

In the case of one of these occurring, Lace Petals & Hearts will advise you and charge the amount from the above credit card within 15 working days from the date of the booking.


You agree that all of the information you have given to Lace Petals & Hearts is correct. You warrant Lace Petals & Hearts that they are fully authorised to use the credit card details as provided on the form. Lace Petals & Hearts reserves the right to pursue any outstanding debt through either a debt collection agency or legal/ court processes if your credit card provider has advised Lace Petals & Hearts that

• • • •

it will not honour your credit card details. You warrant Lace Petals & Hearts that your credit card is within validity date and is not listed on any warning bulletin held by any bank or credit card provider. Lace Petals & Hearts will ensure all security of your information provided. Provided the Hirer has met all necessary terms and conditions of hire and all hire furniture/styling items return in original condition, the authority to deduct funds from the card details provided will be cancelled. The Hirer accepts that: Where it is necessary to charge the credit card, Lace Petals & Hearts will proceed to process a claim for the recovery of costs incurred from the hirer’s authorisation on this form.

Thank you for considering us to be a part of your special day. We look forward to creating something beautiful for you. 

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