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Hey there! So you want to know more? 

All About Me & Lace Petals and Hearts

I proposed to my now-husband, Clinton, and at the time, I was feeling so overwhelmed with the desire to make the experience perfect. To feel love and to be loved is precious, and it should be celebrated. There's nothing more sacred than showing that you are committed to someone. 

Lace Petals and Hearts brings those dreams to life, by taking the overwhelm off your hands. 

I purchased Lace Petals and Hearts in 2022 because I knew I wanted to help others experience that "once in a lifetime" moment, whether it was a proposal, baby shower or hens party. 

Why not make these 'big' experiences unforgettable? 

Reminiscing about those grand moments in out life is food for the soul and it brings us so much joy. I want to help others create those memories.

Because memories are forever. 

Jae x


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